Posted by: Miracle Studios | October 3, 2008

First Touch-Screen Phone by Nokia

The world’s biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia, presented its newest release, the company’s first ever touch-screen device. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is expected to provide a true competition to Apple’s iPhone and also its iTunes service.

The device offers 8 Giga Bytes of memory, which will come in handy combined with the unlimited music downloads offered by the company’s Comes With Music program. Its users will be able to download music from the archives offered by Warner Music Group, Sony BGM Music, Universal Music and EMI Group.

The company’s focus was set on developing a media phone, leaving the Internet functionality second. It features the 5th edition of the Symbian Series 60 operating system and it is equipped with maps and satellite navigation, 3G and Wi-Fi. It offers a 640×360 screen, which is
significantly better than the iPhone’s 480×320, vibrating feedback when pressing the screen, removable storage and also a 3.2 megapixels camera with a video recording function and flash. Users can bring up the menu bar anytime for quick access to all of the phone’s features,

such as music, favorite tracks, videos, photos and web. It allows users to place four of their contacts on the home screen in order to have quick access to all of their history, including phone logs, recent SMS messages, but also photos and blog updates. “We wanted to turn the user interface into a human interface,” said Jo Harlow, senior vice president of marketing, during the official

presentation in London. Looking to bring even more in the competition with the iPhone, Nokia announced that the device offers a HTML Web browser with Flash Lite 3. “Individuals can surf the entire web, not just pieces of it,” the company’s officials stated, also taking a shot at Apple by saying that they know some people who believe that Flash is not important on a mobile device.

The retail price for the mobile phone is expected to be around $400, without any subsidies or taxes, so depending on the preferred carrier, the price might have a wide range. “That means this device is about half the price of competitive touch devices in the market today, and it

certainly means that it is the best touch value proposition on the market,” Harlow explained.
Nokia decided on a rather strange marketing strategy, as it plans to release the device this year only in Asia, the Middle East and Russia. Other areas such as the European and American market will begin receiving the touch-screen phone sometime in 2009 and there are no details
about the areas where the Comes With Music service will be available. Only when Nokia will release the phone in all the above mentioned markets, offering customers full access to the device, we’ll be able to properly record its impact, because the iPhone managed to reach almost every corner of the world and its constant advertising campaigns keep it in the public eye. Still, there is no doubt that the competition is finally here, with Nokia looking to take the smartphone segment to the next level.

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