Posted by: Miracle Studios | October 7, 2008

Ext Java Script at The Ajax Experience

Come join Jack Slocum and I for two developer focused sessions, “Hands On Ext” and “Advanced CSS and Theming of Ext JS” at The Ajax Experience at the end of this month. Feel free to follow along with your laptop or watch as we build an application and demonstrate how to create a custom theme in each hour long session. The Ajax Experience is a three day conference with many interesting sessions on Ajax, Web 2.0 technologies and JavaScript frameworks targeted at developers. This year’s conference will be held in Boston, MA from September 29th to October 1st. Registration is still open and we are hoping to see you there!
Session: Hands on Ext

Speaker: Aaron Conran
Duration: 1 hour
Hands On Ext will be a fast-paced session in which we will build an Ext application in less than an hour. This session will demonstrate how to get started using Ext JS and show how quickly you can put together a simple application from scratch. Learn how to utilize Ext’s high-level UI widgets like GridPanel, TabPanel and FormPanel instead of re-inventing the wheel.
Session: Advanced CSS And Theming of Ext

Speaker: Jack Slocum
Duration: 1 hour
Join Jack as he demonstrates how to manipulate the look and feel of Ext to integrate seamlessly with your application or company’s style guide. As you probably know, all Ext widgets can be transformed to look radically different simply by adding an additional CSS theme file. Learn how to create a custom theme for your Ext application step by step in this hands-on demonstration.
Meet Up

Jack and I are hoping to meet with members of the Ext community to discuss our plans and the future of Ext. We’d also like to find out more about what you guys are creating with Ext. We are planning on having a meet-up after the conference on the 2nd day (Sept. 29th). If you’d like to meetup please send your contact information to Feel free to suggest a location if you know of a good spot to meet.
We’re Growing

Ext is a growing company and we are looking for talented developers to join our team. Please take a look at if you have the skill set, drive and desire to join our team and grow with us. If you will be at The Ajax Experience, make an additional note so that we can be sure to meet you. The Ajax Experience should be a very exciting conference with many different frameworks and technologies represented. Please be sure to stop by our sessions and the meet-up if you are already an Ext developer or want to know more about Ext. Finally, we’d like to thank the Ajaxians for inviting us to present at The Ajax Experience.

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