Posted by: Miracle Studios | October 9, 2008

FileMaker Pro Tutorial – Create New Database

FileMaker Pro

Objective: To create a new database using FileMaker Pro

Introduction: A database is a collection of information with a defined structure, such as a telephone directory or library catalogue. Computer software that handles, organizes, and sorts database information is called Database Management System (DBMS) software. FileMaker Pro is a type of DBMS software that enables users to perform data management tasks, such as creating and editing databases, quickly and efficiently. Through the use of “easy-to-create” databases, FileMaker Pro can help teaching professionals manage information relating to students, grades, budgets, supplies, and schedules.

Skill Practice: Create a new database with FileMaker Pro

Step 1: Open and “click” on

Step 2: The Create New File window will appear. Name your file, and specify the location where you want the file to be saved on your computer. Click on “Save“.

Step 3: The Define Fields window will appear. To create a field, specify Field Name and Field Type. Click on “Create“. The new field will appear in the list of fields for this database. Follow these procedures to add all necessary database fields. When finished, click on “Done“.

Step 4: The first database record will appear on the screen. To begin inserting information, move your cursor to the space next to the first database field. “Left” click in the space – a “blinking” cursor should now appear. Begin entering data for the first field. When finished, use the “tab” key, or mouse, to move the cursor to the next field. Enter the necessary data in all fields for the first record.

Step 5: To add a new record, go to Records > New Record. A new record will appear on screen. Follow procedures in Step 4 to add information to Record 2 data fields.

Step 6: Viewing Options – Go to to choose how the database will appear on screen (Form, List, or Table). * Recommendation * – Go to View > View as Table to view database in a table format.

Step 7: When finished inputing data into database, go to to print, export, share, or close database file.

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